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The mission of the Iowa Science Teaching Section of the Iowa Academy of Science is to advocate for excellence in science education by promoting professionalism, influencing policy, and enhancing learning.

The mission of the Iowa Academy of Science is to further scientific research and its dissemination, education in the sciences, public understanding of science, and recognition of excellence in these endeavors.




Volume 38, Issue 1
Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Hot Conceptual Change - You've Got to Have Faith
Dr. Jerrid Kruse and Dr. Michael P. Clough

Featured Articles

Cloudy Judgment: Helping Students Deeply Understand Cloud Formation
Katie Borton, Hallie Satre, and Jesse Wilcox

How Do You Mass What You Cannot See? Using Paper Clips to Help Students Learn How Electron Mass was First Measured
Rob Hingstrum, Jacob Pleasants, and Shannon McLaughlin

Growing Minds: Planting a Lasting Seed Using the Learning Cycle
Jennifer Nicole Prindle and Lori Marie Ihrig

One Touchy Topic: Targeting Students' Sense of Touch Through Multiple Activities
Ally Shinar, Rabihah Simmons, and Megan Ross


Dr. Jerrid Kruse

Associate Editor
Dr. Michael P. Clough

Managing Editor
Joe Taylor


DISCLAIMER: Experiments, laboratory exercises, lecture demonstrations, instructional settings, and other descriptions involving the use of chemicals, equipment, and instructional methods are presented in this journal as illustrative and directed at qualified science teachers. Manuscripts are reviewed to monitor the safe use of chemicals, materials, and equipment and to encourage the safe selection of instructional settings and methods, however the Iowa Academy of Science and Iowa Science Teachers Section does not assume any responsibility for the use or recommendations made in its published materials. Before implementing any materials published in this journal, users should carefully read all directions, consider all safety concerns, and make appropriate decisions based upon the age and abilities of the targeted audience. The user of any published materials from the Iowa Science Teachers Journal agrees to hold the Iowa Academy of Science and Iowa Science Teachers Section harmless and waive any and all claims against the Iowa Academy of Science and Iowa Science Teachers Section, their officers, directors, editors, reviewers, members, employees, attorneys, agents, successors and assigns, resulting from any and all liabilities incurred as a result of implementing or attempting to implement any materials and ideas described.

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